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The Promotion Solution Suite is designed for retailers who are looking to gain market advantage and deliver on the customer experience by providing consistent complex promotions regardless of channel.


Promotion Solution Suite Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Enables easy set up, analysis, execution, maintenance, and implementation of highly complex promotions consistently and across all channels.
  • Provides configurable, strategy-based promotions.
  • Aligns promotions to appropriate strategies such as customer, competitive, margin, or market perception.
  • Provides robust complex promotion support including those specific to customers, segments, loyalty, vendors, time & date, product purchases, bundled packages, and coupons.
  • Utilizes advanced conflict resolution algorithms to ensure the Best Deal is calculated for all promotions.
  • Provides overlap analysis at promotion creation to alert users to potentially conflicting promotions that might unnecessarily reduce margins.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures consistent execution of promotions regardless of channel.
  • Provides control and command of marketing initiatives.
  • Significantly reduces time to develop and execute promotional programs.
  • Streamlines and accelerates promotion creation, delivery, management and execution.
  • Facilitates rapid response to ever changing business needs, merchandise priorities, and competitive pressures.
  • Optimizes existing Head Office, Point-of-Service, and ecommerce systems, extending their life and reducing development and maintenance costs.
  • Allows retailers to reward consumer loyalty with targeted offers and CRM initiatives.
  • Delivers a seamless customer experience regardless of channel.


The Promotion Solution Suite consists of four distinct modules, they are:

Execution Module

Management Module

Continuity Module

Coupon Module